Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sully - much loved place

Even though it's  many years since Sully operated as a hospital it still has  powerful positive memories for all  who had connections with it.

Here are some recent emails I have received from  an ex- patient,  ex -nurse and the grandson of a former patient.

Carol Johnston writes:
"I was a patient in Sully hospital in 1953 when it was an isolation unit for TB patients. I spent 9 months there and had a lobectomy operation and now 62 years later I am fighting fit. I feel I owe my life to the surgeon and staff who operated on me despite my age at the time

I was a patient there during the Coronation and it was the first time I saw a television set!

Ann on a return visit to Sully, now an upmarket apartment block.

Zena Wharton-
" My name is Zena Wharton nee Ellis. I trained as a nurse in Sully Hospital. 1967 to 1980 I loved the place. My father was actually a patient there in the early 50's with TB. Loads of memories." 


"Hi my grandfather was a patient there my mother tells me, but we do not have any records and don't know where to start looking could you give us some direction in how to search for a patient list or something and I would really like to read your book when it's out thanks Jamie"

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