Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mosaic of patient- Warren Lewis

Warren Lewis was 7 years old when he was in Sully hospital in 1971 –link-
and he was the source of inspiration for a public art work by mosaic artist 
Maureen O’Kane along the coastal path near Sully hospital.

Today Maureen emailed me to say that this site-specific work is now complete, and I think she has done a brilliant job.


  1. This has really brought the story of the art work to life! Fantastic! - Arts Development Officer VOGCouncil.

    1. Hi there my name is Warren Lewis and I am the boy in the photo I was in Sully in 1971.
      Could you tell me exactly where the stone is.
      Is it possible to walk there from Barry pleasure beach or is there somewhere closer I could park to get to the site.
      My e mail is taffy666@gmail.com