Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nurse Vivienne Griffin- 1970

Nurses quarters- Sully hospital

Nurse Vivienne Griffin did part of her training at Sully.
She contacted me today on email with this story:

“I did my nurses training in Cardiff Royal Infirmary, but we did our Pediatric training in Sully Hospital. L.G. Davies was the Cardiologist at the time.

We used to prepare the babies bottles in Black beards cupboard (I don't know who named it that) When we were on the early shift we used feed the babies on the ward and as it was January it was still dark. We would sit and watch the sun come up over the horizon over the sea.

Sometimes, when we were feeding the babies, L.G Davies would say 'right girls I've got 20 minutes you can ask me anything you want' He would sit down and draw diagrams of the heart and explain any abnormalities. We had a wonderful time there as we had to live in at then this was in January 1970.

She adds:
“ I just have to tell you Ann, I have many happy memories of Sully 
And I reminisce with my friend who was my school friend and we also did our training together. She remembers more than me and recalls so much more than me! She is visually impaired now, I so wish I could show her the old photos.  I might try as she has a strong magnifying glass.”

Well, Vivienne I do hope you are able to show your friend the photos. Would you like to share them with us too?

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