Friday, 30 November 2012

Peter...from New Zealand

Dr Bill Foreman is one of New Zealand's most famous expats, something I did not know but it does not surprise me.

I have to thank Peter Isaac for the following information received today on email:

"Very interested in your work on Sully Hospital. It was pioneered by Dr Bill Foreman whose family was from Takapuna in New Zealand. I recall him well in the 1950s -60s in Dinas Powis.. Harold Mason Foreman, always known as Bill for some reason,  is a national hero in NZ for his courageous work in POW camps in WW2 and for his work at Sully. The hospital became a victim of post war hospital rationalisation circa 1960. The New Zealand Encyclopaedia circa 1966 has him among famous NZ expats in the UK."


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