Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hugh Thorp - Canada

I have recently received an email from a Professor in Canada who started his career as a nurse in Sully: "I was an SRN at Sully from March 1964 until October 1967. I worked in the Operating Theatres for my whole time there. My principal reasons for working at Sully were that I already possessed a Post Graduate Certificate in O.R. Nursing and I wished to obtain my BTA. I was provided with a Council House on Barry Island (103 Phyllis Street) and with the low pay for nurses this was a most inportant consideration in the 1960's. I look back on my time at the hospital with fond rememberance. The Staff and the surgeons were first class and the work rewarding ; particularly the Cardio-vascular surgery which was often on new born infants. My family and I emigrated to Canada in 1967 and both my wife and I enjoyed rewarding careers in Health Care: She as a Supervisor of an Intensive Care at a major Teaching Hospital, and I as an RN, Educator, Hospital Administrator and University Professor. The surgeons, Harley, Thomas and Rosser were all fine men with great skill. " What comes through in all the correspondence I have received from ex staff at Sully is how much they valued their time there and how much they enjoyed working there too.

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