Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nurse -Sully 1936- 1940

Rosemary West, daughter of the renowned Sully surgeon Len West, has supplied me with a wealth of information about Sully.

Here is a letter from a student nurse who worked there in 1936 and it was published in the South Wales Echo on April 28 2002.

Iris Deli of Tynewydd Rd, Barry wrote:
"Sully Hospital was a place of great hope for so many patients and their families.

Some of the happiest years of my life were spent there.

It was in 1936 age 18 that a lovely lady interviewed me for a position as a probationer nurse called Matron Gould, for whom I had the greatest respect.

After some initial training, I was assigned to a ward where the patients were all young girls in their teens who had come from Glan Ely hospital.

It must have been wonderful for them to come to such a lovely place.

Although most of them were terminal cases, there was always hope and they were the happiest girls I had ever met.

With the introduction of new drugs, many patients recovered.

I nursed a girl who had been in my class at in Gladstone Road School, and, until recently, was an active member of the WRVS.

We worked long hours with split shifts, during which we had to attend lectures and had little remuneration – 19 shillings (95) a month but we were happy and contended in the fact that we were to the best of our ability trying to make life a little it more comfortable for those more uncomfortable than ourselves.

During my three and a half years there, I made many friends with whom I am still in touch.”.

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