Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chips with sugar

Just when you think all interest in Sully has petered out – even the Facebook group is about to be archived through lack of interest- up pops an email from the daughter of an ex-patient.

Liz Owens says:”
My mother (Joyce Jones, nee Cole) and I have just been looking at the Sully blog, and were very interest.

Mum was a patient there from 1951 to 1953; she had two operations for TB, which were done by Dilwyn Thomas. She was in Dyfed Ward, where every bed had a view of the sea, in fact every patient in the hospital did.
The staff were wonderful, and especially Gerda who was German and went to visit mum's family in Tredegar one weekend.
After 1953, no more treatment was necessary and mum is now 83; after 60 years, she is always grateful to the wonderful staff at Sully.”

Another email follows with a Sully story:

"Mum tells a tale that none of the patients were ever offered second helpings if there were chips on the menu - the staff used to eat them instead. The patients got fed up with this, and one of them sneaked out to the kitchen and covered the leftover chips with sugar. The staff of course could not complain."

Well, I have interviewed Joyce and she has some interesting stories to tell. As soon as I get her photos I will put it up on this blog.

Originally from Tredegar Joyce now lives in Sussex with her daughter.

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