Monday, 21 March 2011

Jenny Hicks - ex patient

Just when I thought I would have to abandon this project through lack of ex patients coming forward I get a phone call this morning from Jenny Hicks.

She has had a long association with Sully starting with having her lung out as a 12 year old in 1962. She suffers from non cystic fibrosis and a rare skin disease called Steven-johnson syndrome.

The latter condition was brought on as a six year old when she had a severe reaction to antibiotics.

Despite over 50 years of ill health and daily pain she is remarkably cheerful, yet another example of the power of the human spirit often in the face of great adversity.

Her memories of Sully are vivid and fond.
" I still dream of the place."
Jenny has agreed to do a full scale interview which I hope to do later this week.

She lives in Cowbridge. " The doctors told me I would never work or have children. I defied them. I did both."

She is a survivor and I look forward to hearing more of her story."

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