Friday, 6 November 2009

Patient number 07313, Sully hospital

Ann "I am writing a book on Sully."

I have had a reply from the Glamorgan Record Office, and no they don't have a copy of my medical records.

Because of the sheer numbers of patients going through they only took samples of patients records during the period 1954-1967 of those with file numbers ending in 01 or 51.

I was number 07313.

They did provide some useful information though regarding dates. I was there for 147 days from 1st April 1960 until 26 August 1960. I was then discharged to Pinewood Student Rehabilitation Centre near Wokingham.

Oh, yes and I was in Gwynedd ward. It would be lovely to be able to contact anyone who was in Sully around this time.

If you know of such a person then email me:

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