Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sully records

Unlike Craig-y-nos the medical records for Sully still exist.
However, because of the sheer number of patients involved they had to introduce a sampling procedure.

On the off chance that I was amongst those "sampled" I have sent off my request.

This is what the National Archives say:

"Due to the considerable bulk of the patient files for Sully Hospital, complete retention has not been an option. A decision was made to take a representative sample of these records.
Three different series of patient case files were generated between the years 1937 and 1967 (date when the sample ends). A series of records was started presumably in 1936 when the hospital opened. This first series begins here at number 434; earlier case notes are missing. In 1941 an Emergency Medical Services Centre opened at Sully Hospital to treat war casualties and a new series of files relates to these cases. In 1954 a new numbering system was established to cover all patients admitted to the hospital and this continues to 1967.
Earlier case files have been kept intact. The first series of records runs to 1946 (on microfilm) and from that date to 1954 a sample has been taken. The EMS files have been retained to 1947 and have then been sampled to 1954. There are gaps in these two samples where files have not survived. A representative sample has then been taken of the third series of case files. Each file ending with the digit 01 and 51 has been selected. For a full explanation of sampling procedures used, see depositors file."

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