Thursday, 19 February 2009

Councillor Anthony Ernest - Sully

I am grateful to Councillor Anthony Ernest for supplying the following information:

"Sully Hospital is now a massive new apartments development, utilising all the existing 1936 buildings plus more. It is of course Listed.

The Friends of Sully Hospital nationalarchives published a booklet some years ago to mark its half century, and I am pretty sure that I donated a copy of that booklet to the Glamorgan County Archives office in Cardiff last year. You could e-mail them for confirmation that it is in the "Ernest Papers of Penarth" entry.

The apartments have been developed by a Cheltenham based company by the name of Galliard, and you will find them on the web. You can currently rent one brand new !

My own father ended his days at Sully Hospital in 1991, so I have a certain interest.

Later, of course, there was a masssive campaign by my constituents to stop it becoming a Holding Camp for Refugees under plans by HM Government. (see BBC website), which were eventually rejected.

Kind regards,

Anthony Ernest (County Cllr.]"

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